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A non-profit organization run by Syrian women working to improve the lives of those affected by the conflict in Syria. They aim to provide rehabilitation and aid for those wounded in Syria, provide education, and empower refugees. SAB is always open to volunteers who can work on a number of different projects, including: Yoga in the rehabilitation center, office admin, photography for the website and social media, medical and physiotherapy support, and art workshops.

Capoeira for Refugees is a non-profit that seeks to aid in the recovery of youth affected by conflict using Capoeira, an art form developed in 16th Century Brazil. The main objectives of Capoeira for Refugees are to increase the overall psychosocial wellbeing of young people impacted by conflict, to strengthen these communities by supporting local talented youth to become Capoeira Community Changemakers, and to create a sustainable movement that can amplify their work at the field level through developing a global capoeira platform. Delivering capoeira classes is C4R’s main activity; these consist of movement, music, play, and sports. Volunteer positions are advertised as needed on the organization’s website.

LOYAC is a Jordanian non-profit that provides local youth, ages 16-24, with opportunities to help them grow into independent, productive, and fulfilled individuals. Their goals are to equip youth with the tools to become agents of change in their lives and in their communities.

Paper airplanes matches conflict-affected individuals with personal English tutors for 12-16 week sessions conducted via Skype and other video conferencing platforms.

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