MEC Launches 12th Middle East Film Festival

MEFF Poster

The MEC and FSU's Student Life Cinema are delighted to announce the 12th Middle East Film festival at FSU. The festival starts on Sunday, February 21 and ends on Sunday, March 21. A total of 5 films over 5 Sundays. We hope you will join us by watching these films virtually from the comfort of your home. The event is free and open to anyone from the public who wants to watch the films. 

A one time online registration is required in order to receive the passwords to watch the films. Please click here to access the registration form and learn more about our featured film selections this year. 

Picture Below: The center and SLC gave 50 goodie bags to students and passersby to promote the festival and spread some joy. Spoiler alert, a variety of Middle Eastern candy may have been among the goodies in the bags. 

To read more about the value of the festival to our campus and community, click here to read what Dr. Schlenoff (director of MEC), Dr. Reinier (chair of Modern Languages and Linguistics), and Dr. Huckaba (dean of the College of Arts and Sciences) said about the festival.