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Middle East Center

Welcome to the Middle East Center (MEC) at Florida State University. Created in 2006, the MEC's main objective is to provide an academic environment for students from a multitude of disciplines to develop a deeper understanding of the Middle East. The MEC also administers FSU's Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies, as well as minors in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.



In honor of Professor Peter Garretson’s more than 30 years at FSU, the FSU Middle East Center will present a symposium, "New Directions in World History: Essays in Honor of Peter P. Garretson." Papers will discuss various aspects of world history and are presented by past students of Garretson. The final panel is a roundtable to discuss the future of the field of world history. Program


Many of you will already have seen "No Woman, No Drive," the viral video from 2011 Middle East graduate Hisham Fageeh that has been viewed 5 1/2 million times this week. The video has been covered by all of the major news outlets (BBCWashington Post), sometimes with comments from Hisham. Follow him on Twitter: @HishamFageeh.