2007 Islam and Beyond

March 15th and 16th


Panel 1: Between Body and Soul

"Musical Spiritual Healing Beyond the Oxus River"
Benjamin Koen (FSU, College of Music)

"Reproductive Technology and Ethics in Iran"
Robert Tappan (FSU, Department of Religious Studies)


Panel 2: From Autocracy to Civil Society

"Iconoclasm of Disobedience: Pahlavi Designs in Post-Revolutionary Politics"
Talinn Grigor (FSU, Department of Art History)

"Iranian Shi'ism at the Cusps of Historic Change"
Mehran Kamrava (California State University Northridge, Department of Political Science)


Panel 3: Politics Within and Without

"Ali Shari'ati: Between Marx and Muhammad"
Adam Gaiser (FSU, Department of Religion)

"Iran in Regional and International Context"
Asbed Kotchikian (FSU, Department of Political Science)

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