2006 Anatomy of Conflict

The 2006 lecture series, entitled "Anatomy of Conflict: A Hot Summer in Lebanon and Israel," included six lectures on this theme.  The lectures took place over the course of the Fall semester as follows:

September 25th 
"Lebanon: A Land Torn by Proxy Wars" by Akram Khater (North Carolina State University)

October 9th  
"The Hot Summers of 1982 and 2006: Military and Political Dimensions of Israel's Involvement in Lebanon" by Avi Bernstein (a former Israeli Defense Force officer)

October 16th  
"Hizbullah and Political Islam" by Adam Gaiser (Florida State University, Department of Religion) andAsbed Kotchikian (Florida State University, Department of Political Science)

October 30th  
"'We were Three': Voices from Lebanon" by Suha Itani (Fulbright Student), Peter Avery (Florida State University, student), and Joe Schlenoff (Florida State University, Department of Chemistry)

November 13th  
"'We were Three': Voices from Israel"

November 30th  
"Israel and Lebanon: What Does the Future Hold?" by Alan Sawaya (Citigroup Smith-Barney)

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