Reema Barakat Middle East Center welcomes new Arabic teachers to FSU

The Middle East Center is happy to welcome Professor Reema Barakat to Florida State! Reema, who grew up in Syria, earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and spent time teaching English to students at universities and schools in Syria. She received a Fulbright Grant to study at the University of Texas at Austin, where she had three years of experience teaching Arabic as a foreign language. She earned her Masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies in spring 2015.

New course on Jews and Muslims of Christian Spain

Allyson Gonzalez, a new post-doc in the Dept. of Religion who specializes in Spain, is offering a seminar course in the fall 2015 semester on Jews and Muslims living in Christian Spain. The seminar will be mixed grad/undergrad, and its course number is REL 4190-2. Sign up today!

Amman Middle East majors win national awards for Arabic study

The FSU Middle East program continues its record of success in national language study fellowships: congratulations to Jessie Marks, who won a Boren Scholarship, and Ed Neuse, who won a Critical Languages Scholarship. Ed will spend the summer in 'Amman, Jordan, and Jessie will spen

Ciddi Lecture on Turkish Politics

On Monday, April 20, at 4 p.m., Sinan Ciddi (Georgetown), director of the Institute of Turkish Studies, will lecture on "Erdogan's New Turkey: An Emerging Authoritarian Power." His abstract: "Turkey's political history during the multiparty period (1950-) is riddled with instability, praetorian and authoritarian rule.

Fadda Conrey Lecture on Arab-American literature

The Modern Languages Lecture Series a lecture by Professor Carol Fadda-Conrey, Syracuse University: "Constructing Arab and Muslim Identities in the US: Beyond Sept. 11 and the Rhetoric of Violence." The lecture will take place on Monday, April 13, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. in DIF 009. Prof.

Garretson Spring 2014: Symposium in Honor of Peter Garretson

In honor of Professor Peter Garretson’s more than 30 years at FSU, the FSU Middle East Center will present a symposium, "New Directions in World History: Essays in Honor of Peter P. Garretson." Papers will discuss various aspects of world history and are presented by past students of Garretson. The final panel is a roundtable to discuss the future of the field of world history. Program

Fageeh 2011 graduate's song goes viral

Many of you will already have seen "No Woman, No Drive," the viral video from 2011 Middle East graduate Hisham Fageeh that has been viewed 5 1/2 million times this week.